Sunday Snaps 8-10-14

It has been awhile since my last Sunday Snap post! Why, you ask? Well, in the midst of moving, starting a new job, and keeping up with posts for this blog, my family decided to have an impromptu vaca. I literally booked a ticket at 2 am Tuesday morning and was on a plane en route to Tampa, FL at 9 am Thursday morning. Florida has always been a paradise for me, mostly because I’ve always loved being by the water. Now that I’m living in the Southwest, I enjoy it even more:

Or maybe it is because I miss really great seafood, like these oysters, which I had at Sunday brunch. What else was on my plate that brunchy morning? Mussels, bacon, hardboiled eggs, sushi, and corned beef. Paleo brunch done right.

I also have a newfound love of palm trees, especially when they grow inside:

The night before I left, we decided to have a Paleo Italian night. Italian food was something sorely missed when we both decided to go Paleo. Now that I’m becoming better at “pasta” substitutes and grain-free companies are becoming mainstream, there are a lot more options. Our favorites are pizza (peperoni, cheese, or pesto are all fantastic) by Against the Grain Gourmet, and the fettuccine by Cappellos. Both are grain-free, sugar-free, organic companies committed to sustainable products and healthy lifestyles. I highly suggest them.

Also Italian? The frozen Chicago style thin-crust pizza my mom ordered, had delivered, froze, and then carried in her luggage from my small hometown of Grayslake, Illinois all the way down to Florida. She brought us so much that I even got to take some back to New Mexico. My pizza is well traveled.

P.S.: Heating up leftover pizza in a frying pan is the best way to ensure a crispy, non-soggy crust. 

P.S.: Heating up leftover pizza in a frying pan is the best way to ensure a crispy, non-soggy crust. 

While visiting a Five Guys, I saw these adorable thank-you notes from kids to the restaurant. “I love lamp”. Dying: 

Back in New Mexico, the sunsets (and sunrises) have been amazing. A few times a week at least, I’ve been actively taking the time to relax and watch the sun go down. In more rare cases, Ill get up to watch the sun rise, but to be honest, I really like my sleep.  This has been such an amazing change from my life previous to this move.

On one last note, I would like to tell the world that the grocery stores here sell aloe leaves like its no. big. deal. Ummm what?

We also cannot figure out what this fruit below is. Any guesses? Anyone know?


Happy Sunday, and I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!






Back to Basics

I’m really hot.

And dehydrated. Which really doesn’t help things.

My now former job, which you can read about here, for many reasons, was incredibly stressful and hectic. Some days were so busy that I would leave my apartment at 8am and get home at 7pm, accumulate 5 miles of walking during the day, wouldn’t have time to eat more than a few bites of lunch, and would only be able to sneak sips of water here and there. I would drink a couple glasses of water after work, but be so exhausted that I wouldn’t have much time before going to bed to adequately hydrate myself. I would wake up the next morning, have coffee, not drink enough water, and then continue this cycle day after day. It got so bad that at one point I had to make an ER visit due to dehydration that started to affect my kidneys. Holy kidney beans, batman.

After this, I really had to step back and reflect as to why I wasn’t hydrating enough. Yes, I was crazy busy at work, but I have been insanely busy since my senior year of high school, and I never, ever neglected to drink water.  That’s when I realized that I was simply just bored of drinking water. I was bored of the taste, I was bored of feeling restricted; After all, I cut out all fruit juices, sweet teas, and sodas from my diet. Looking back, I probably should have predicted that this would happen. People who follow a Paleo diet have a lot of things that they can’t consume, but now that the primal movement is gaining more steam, there are many new sunstitutes for grains, refined sugar, and even dairy. But drinks? Nope. Nada. Water, coffee, tea, coconut water, and kombucha is all there pretty much is, my friends. So that’s when I made a conscious effort to flavor my water, and change it up every couple of days.

But then I moved to the desert.

And in the desert I need to up my water intake even more because 15 minutes in the sun now feels like 2 hours in the sun..

So let’s get back to the basics here. We all need water. And now that I’m making a conscious effort to drink even more water, I’ve decided to share some fun flavored water recipes. They are incredibly easy, tasty, and make drinking water much more enjoyable. Plus, they’re gorgeous to look at and make for great accents to the table during meals and entertaining. Here are some of my favorite combinations, but the possibilities are really endless here.

Infused Water, 9 Ways

Each recipes makes approximately 4 liters of flavored water

Citrus mint

  • 2 lemons, sliced into wedges
  • 1 lime, sliced into wedges
  • ¼-½ grapefruit, sliced into wedges
  • 1 bunch of mint sprigs  


  • 1 bunch of basil

Chocolate Mint

  • 1 bunch of chocolate mint


  • 2 lemons, sliced into wedges
  • 1 lime, sliced into wedges


  • ¼ cup raspberries, washed
  • ½ orange, sliced into wedges


  • ½ cup strawberries, washed and sliced with stem removed
  • ¼ cup raspberries
  • ¼ cup blueberries


  • ¼ cup sliced pineapple
  • ¼ cup sliced watermelon


  • 1 rind from a lemon
  • 2 sprigs whole lavender

Rosemary Lavender

  • 2 large sprigs whole rosemary
  • ½ rind from a lemon
  • ½ rind from an orange
  1. Take 1 liter of water and add chosen herbs or fruit.
  2. Chill in refirdgerator and let infuse for at least 2 hours.
  3. Serve over ice.
  4. Fruit can be reused up to 4 times (Approximately 4 cumulative liters) before water starts to lose flavor.