South of Vanilla's 2015 Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

Hey friends, did you notice that I missed November’s edition of the Daily 5? Yeah…I didn’t either.

Since the end of November usually marks the start of holiday shopping, I was going to post South of Vanilla’s 2015 Foodie Gift Guide (see last year’s here), but then I realized I forgot to hit “publish” after actually writing the post. Blogger fail. At least I am right in time for all of those (like yours truly) procrastinating on holiday shopping!

1.     Chambord Bodum French Press

If you haven’t tried French Pressed coffee (or a Chemex for that matter), you are missing out. Classic, affordable, and deserving of a place at everyone’s brunch table.  (This particular model also comes in a fantastic new copper edition.)

2.     Foodie Dice

Most foodies are eternally struggling with age-old question of what’s for dinner. Help them take the guesswork out of it.

3.     Kate Spade Fine China Place Setting

Is this number one on everyone’s wedding registry?  If not, it’s definitely at the top of everyone’s holiday list.

4.     Robot Tea Diffuser

I caaaaaan’t. And I thought no tea diffuser was more perfect than my tea-rex.

5.     Mast Brother’s Chocolate

I never thought I would recommend spending $9 on a single bar of chocolate, but here I am. Perfect gift for the person who won’t splurge on himself or herself.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

6.    Donut Print

Oh, this print is whimsical and perfect for the donut lover. (Read: everyone.) Shop small by purchasing this print, and take a look at all of Lily & Val’s chalkboard food art.

Lily & Val Donut Print

7.     Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment

Perfect for the baker, perfect for the ice-cream connoisseur. You haven’t lived until you’ve made your own ice cream and custard.

8.     Copper Flatware

Copper is the trend for the 2015 holiday season. Versions are popping up everywhere, and they are so lovely.

9.     Threshold Bar Cart

Imagine all the drinks your favorite person can make….and all the pinterest-worthy ways to style a bar cart. Quite possibly the best mid-century trend to make a strong comeback.

Threshold Bar Cart in Gold 

10. Tequila Mockingbird

A punny literary cocktail cookbook? Can’t wait until the sequel comes out. 

October Daily 5

Happy Halloween! I am using the holiday today as an excuse to binge eat some of my favorite paleo candy. Chocolate for breakfast on Halloween? Totally acceptable.

Fall is flying by, and I've rounded up some of my favorite from the past month. Enjoy! (Recent past Daily 5 posts: July, August, September)

1. The Blanket Scarf

2014 was the year of the blanket scarf, and it has definitely made its mark again in 2015. The upside to a trend 2 years in a row? More colors at lower prices, like this gorgeous blue version of the now autumnal-staple. 

2. The Pumpkin Cocotte 

I know last month I mentioned my favorite cast iron dutch oven, but I just couldn't resist sharing this cast-iron pumpkin cocotte with you all. Stab is another quality brand that I adore, and this pumpkin dish pretty much epitomizes everyone's fall pumpkin spice obsession. It comes in all sizes, but I am definitely enamored with the mini, ceramic, version. So cute!

3. The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the thing I didn't even know was missing from my life until it arrived all bright and shiny one evening as a surprise from CK. Alexa, the device's software, is cloud-based, meaning it is evolving all the time. She is pretty good at playing my music upon voice command, telling me the traffic on my morning commute, updating me with the weather, and informing me of upcoming events on my schedule. She can even do quick Wikipedia searches and answer the really important questions like: "What should I eat for breakfast?", "Who's your daddy?", and "Do you wannnnna build a snnooowmmman?". Seriously.

4. The Travel Coffee Mug

The whole world is obsessed with Kate Spade, and as even colder weather approaches, we need something to keep our hot chocolate and tea nice and toasty. #goldstripeserrything

5. The Utility Knife

Knives are singlehandedly the most important tools you will ever have in the kitchen. Knives can be as expensive as you want them to be, but, I think its important to think of quality over quantity. For years, I have survived, and even started this food blog, with 3 knives in my tool-belt: a utility knife, a paring knife, and a chef's knife. This knife here is a Shun utility knife, which I personally think is one of the best. Plus, Amazon has them on special frequently, so make sure to watch out for sales.