Sunday Snaps, 9-7-14

Can you believe that its “fall”? I am using fall in parentheses because although NCAA and NFL games are officially underway, it is still in the triple digits in New Mexico. Tall boots are quite possibly my most favorite thing to wear, and it looks like I won’t be breaking into those for awhile. My friend from grad school, Emily, and I used to count down the days until we could wear boots, and we declared it a rule that we couldn’t wear them until it dropped below 70 degrees for the daytime high. At this rate, I won’t be wearing boots until December. Emily is now living in Minnesota, so she probably broke out her boots in July. I’ll have to call her to verify.

Emily and I in our favorite boots, road tripping to Atlanta. 

Emily and I in our favorite boots, road tripping to Atlanta. 

It has been so hot lately, that Christopher and I decided to wake up early yesterday to go on a morning hike and beat the heat. (You’ve already seen these pictures if you follow me on Instagram.) We woke up as it was raining, and so the effect we had was hiking throughout the cloud at a mild elevation at Dripping Springs:


Gorgeous. It reminded me of my visit to New Zealand in 2005.

We’ve also been doing lots of other hikes in the area, and they have been breathtakingly gorgeous. Here are some shots from Picacho Peak:





The start of fall also means that I started my new job as a school SLP, after switching from a medically based position. (I’ll be sure to post more on this later!) I think every fellow SLP will find this, ridiculously true, meme hilarious:

The end of summer and the start of fall means some of the best produce. Spaghetti squash, acorn squash, tomatoes, okra, and apples:

Remember how I moved 6 weeks ago? Well, I’m still unpacking. I’ve done most of it, but between starting a job, setting up events, cooking paleo meals, and starting some house updates, I’ve gotten a little sidetracked. Moving. Is. The. Worst. A good thing, however, about moving, is getting to sort through things again and really determine what to keep and what to part with. I clearly did not part with any of my costume jewelry, but I thoroughly enjoyed trying to organize them all:

Have I mentioned the AMAZING artwork here? (I am so far from the Smithsonian.)

I scored this super cute apron at a Salsa Fest I went to 2 weeks ago from a clothing line called Seven Sisters. The owner of the little shop, is so incredibly nice, and I loved everything she had for sale. Anthropologie, watch out: 

Remember that chalkboard I keep around to post motivating quotes and phrases? If not, here’s a reminder:

Well, that chalkboard has been compromised. Downside of living with a boy:

I tried the Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread from PaleOMG’s cookbook, and it is amazing. I highly suggest making it. It didn’t last long, and I will probably make another 2 loaves this week. Also, cinnamon is a fantastic fall flavor.

To finish, I leave you with this thought I’ve been ruminating over lots:

Happy Sunday and have an enjoyable start of the week!